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You have probably tried a lot of different things to grow your business by now, a lot of which left you feeling more lost than before. My superpower is the ability to help you find the little thing that will make all the difference in your growth. Think of me as your swiss army knife of strategies, allowing you to silence the noise of the industry and trust that with each step you take you are creating something bigger than just a business. You are turning your vision into a tangible reality that is aligned, resilient and scalable.

The first thing I want you to know is that I’m not just some random business coaches. I am YOU, just 10 steps ahead of you. Everything you’re feeling, I’ve lived and baby!

I started as a humble personal trainer working alongside my wife, just as many of you reading this likely did as well.

We opened our own private studio in 2013 and made our very first big business investment of 10K to get things off the ground that monumental year.

This was the first time we put money on the table and chose to believe in our dreams. We went all in on ourselves, the movement we wanted to bring to our city, and the community we knew we would build.

And build it we did.

Over the next 4 years we grew as big as we could have just the two of us. But in 2016 we came to a crossroads, as many entrepreneurs do, where the next step of growth meant taking another big risk on us.

Swept up in appearances, status, ego, and what we believed our dreams were at the time…we took out a half million dollar loan to expand into a gym 4x the size and hand picked the Creme De La Creme of equipment.

Less than a year later burnt out, unhappy, unfulfilled and lost…we closed our doors.

Took on 100K of debt and completely transitioned our businesses online.

From the ashes of the biggest business decision of our lives….giving up a dream, a community, and a team…emerged more fulfillment and freedom than we knew could be possible for us.

And In less than 6 weeks I had built a 6 figure online coaching business.

I’m ready, are you…

If you are ready to commit to growing your online business, let’s get started.

Before I entered the “fitness” space I ran a successful digital marketing agency for over a decade. That experience coupled with my in-depth experience of the fitness space, investing over $100,000 into mentorship, courses, trainings, and years of trial and error has provided me the exact recipe to help countless personal trainers, and nutrition coaches, just like you accomplish the success they desire!

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Or, if you’d like some more information I have put together a free training for you showing you how to get your next 5-10 clients online… Without spending HOURS on Instagram!

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I've been to a lot of trainers before, and Landon and Laura surpass them all in every way possible. They truly care about their clients and are with them every step of the way.


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