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L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1

Price $97 What you get
  • Over 11 hours of expert training
  • Earn 1.2 CEUs with the NSCA
  • Mastering Assessments
  • Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Get over 11 hours of expert training from Dean Somerset and Dr. Mike Israetel!

Our goal is to bring cutting edge information to fitness professionals to help them make better choices with their clients training and their own in order to help them achieve better results and in less time than ever before. Our first annual fitness summit featured never seen before content on Mastering Assessments and The Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy. We see too many fitness professionals miss the mark on client assessments but with a few easy tricks you can begin helping your clients reduce pain and make better progress. We’re also sick of seeing people spin their wheels trying to build muscle. Save your self years of lackluster results with the secrets from Dr. Mike on training and nutrition specifically for building muscle.

Mastering Assessments with Dean Somerset

  • How to use static and integrative assessments to guide training programs
  • How and when to use body composition assessments
  • How and when to use cardiopulmonary assessments
  • Choosing the right exercises for your client
  • Adjusting the assessment system for your client
  • What corrective strategies to use based on your assessment results
  • How to use your assessment to structure your warm up, strength training, mobility, and conditioning

The Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy with Dr. Mike Israetel

  • How to periodize training volume to maximize hypertrophy
  • How to autoregulate training stress
  • How training intensity impacts hypertrophy and program design
  • Nutrition and nutrition periodization for hypertrophy
  • Common nutritional pitfalls

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