$0.95 Leads: My Experiment With Gary Vaynerchuk’s Brandformance Strategy On TikTok | Ep 032

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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Brandformance strategy proved to be a game changer for my lead generation with TikTok & Facebook Ads.

With a beautifully simple approach, this method is designed to empower creators to succeed in today’s competitive ad landscape. I embarked on a journey to experiment with this strategy, and the results were phenomenal. From struggling to generate leads to transforming my marketing game, Gary V’s Brandformance method showed me the power of authenticity and innovation in lead generation.

In this video I cover:

– Gary V’s Brandformance Strategy
– My Personal Experiment With It
– How I Am Generating $0.95 Leads With TikTok Ads
– The Exact Process I Followed

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