The leader who had no title

At the chance of sounding a little cutesy (a copywriter faux pas), not only is this a book I highly recommend reading (by Robin Sharma) but the statement encapsulates me, every time my family asks “What do you actually do?”…

Maybe you can relate?

When you work “online” doing things people can’t really see, do, or conceptualize… No one quite gets it. But, that’s also the beauty of it. I don’t give myself a title, and that allows me to follow my passion into every endeavor.

I tell my family I’m a “Consultant”. But, since you’re here… I’ll share a little about how this journey started.

Here's wow the "resume" was built

My digital marketing career began in the early 2000’s when I indulged my earliest passion for building websites. Almost two decades later, that indulgence provided me the opportunity to work with clients spanning the globe, being recognized as a trusted advisor for multiple award-winning agencies, and leading to more monumental career “pivots” than I care to divulge 😉

Through 18 years of perfecting my craft I have developed a breadth of skills.

Everything from small websites, to government projects. From hand coding and building social networks, to getting websites ranked #1 on Google. To direct response lead generation, launching an e-commerce supplement brand, profitably running over 1.3M in Facebook Ads, building sales funnels, running 6-figure product launches, and helping personal brands launch and scale their programs and courses.

..I’ve always thought titles were an oversimplification of what we do as entrepreneurs.

To keep things simple Moving forward I’ll refer to myself as a Marketer. Who does:

Offer Creation & Validation


Product Launches

Email Marketing

Sales Funnels

Facebook & Instagram Ads

I’ve personally launched 9 business (ad)ventures. Built and ran 5 (of my own) online courses and programs. Assisted 5 multi-million dollar businesses grow their brands, courses, and programs through managing over $11,00,000 in Facebook & Instagram Ads, generating over 49,812 leads, 1,619 applications and even more in revenue.

I’ve spent the better part of two decades shedding blood, sweat, and (mostly) tears to reach the point of being able to use cliche statements like “Passion Over Profits”.

This has provided me a unique perspective…

What I do is no longer driven by monetary gain (profits). Since I own, operate, and run successful businesses, it allows me the opportunity to pursue things that truly fulfill me (passion).

I can work with amazing brands and truly invest myself into being a true strategic partner rather than punching the clock and collecting a paycheck.

I can work in a profit and revenue share model where I get paid for results creating win-win situations for everyone involved.

I do things a little differently.

My journey has allowed me to work on a lot of projects for a lot of different brands. And, my own personal (ad)ventures have also provided me with a unique perspective. I have seen both sides of the working relationship. The side of the entrepreneur running the programs and growing the business. And, the side of the service-provider collecting the paycheck.

Here’s what I’ve learned

Entrepreneurs often overcomplicate things and lose sight of what’s needed to grow.
Server-providers’ lack of expertise often leads to incorrect focus of the entrepreneurs’ money.

When I audit a business… We start by picking the lowest hanging fruit. Rich profits can often be found from the smallest changes that often require little to no changes.

I am able to view a business from the level in which it operates, down to the level of optimization of every step of their funnel.

This allows me to simplify our marketing efforts and leverage the 80/20 principle to garner large scale wins.

Let’s put things simply… I’ve been there.

I’ve invested well over $100,000 in Mentors and Masterminds. I’ve invested my own hard earned dollars into business (ad)ventures, running webinars, and running paid traffic.

…I know what it’s like to go over $100,000 in debt to close down a business.

…I know what it feels like to put $1000s of dollars into paid ads and not generate any sales.

…I know what it feels like to run back to back webinars with no attendees.

…I know the pit in your stomach feeling you get when you don’t sell anyone or have 1 person show up on a Zoom call.

…I know how it feels to look burnout in the rear-view mirror, laugh, and spend every waking moment either sending DMs or looking at your Stripe balance.

I’ve discovered what it feels like to wake up to Stripe Payment Notifications for your $3,000 dollar offer without needing to even jump on a sales call.

(if you can choose ^^ one is much better ;))

I know what it feels like to hit a $40k month when you’re working less than you do when you were making $10k.

I’ve bled for my own businesses and acquired the knowledge and insights to take forth into every business that I work with.

It’s my intention to show everyone how they can build, grow, and scale their businesses without the $200,000+ in paid in tuition.


Looking for a “Marketer” that can help you optimize your offer, write high converting copy & emails, build your sales funnel(s), launch your product, and run your ads?

I’d love to connect, here’s how you can find me...




Ready to wake up to a flood of applications, booked calls, and Stripe payment notifications?