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Landon Poburan

Why, hello there! My name is Landon Poburan.

But you probably don’t know me.

It’s Ok. I’m not upset or anything, most people don’t. It’s actually by design.

It’s been said behind every successful business is someone pulling the strings, and making sure things work that no one ever sees and doesn’t take any credit.

That’s been me for the last 12 years.

Some call me the puppet master, some have called me the ghost. But most, and when I say most, I mean everyone, call me Landon. Unfortunately, I’ve never been cool enough for a sweet nickname.

But not anymore.

I am stepping out from behind the scenes once and for all… And I am stepping behind YOUR scenes. Grass is always greener, right?

Over the last decade (and more) I’ve done a few things…

After running a successful digital marketing agency for over a decade I transitioned into the fitness space. Here I found my home as a personal trainer and became a pretty damn good nutrition coach. I did some bodybuilding (trophy forever on my mantel) and dabbled in powerlifting. My wife and I opened a gym, and then opened an even bigger gym.

This is just a glimpse of the things I’ve done, businesses I’ve ran, and experiences I’ve had.

Through the years of perfecting my craft(s), and finding the best ways to integrate my marketing skills with my passion for fitness, I was able to draw so many parallels between business and health and fitness. This combo is where I found my home and my passion.

Fast forward. I help online coaches build, grow, and scale their businesses.

But at the end of the day I’ve done a lot of things and I’ve never been very vocal about it.

The truth is that I have a deep-rooted passion for helping others.

There’s been a lot of times where the thought of change scared me, times where I’ve been unsure, times where I’ve felt isolated (behind the scenes can be lonely), but I’ve truly found a place that feels like home. I’ve found success in my own business but more importantly I’ve found happiness.

I am now blessed to have the opportunity to live my best life. The freedom and happiness I possess drives me to help others just like you achieve the same.

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