Unlock The Secret To Building A Profitable Sales Funnel – Avoid These 5 Fatal Mistakes! | Ep 036

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Welcome to the Make Me a Marketer Show where your host, Landon Poburan, reveals five common sales funnel mistakes that could be costing you money and damaging your relationship with customers. Tune in to learn how to fix these mistakes and grow your business exponentially.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of having an opt-in rate over 20%.
  • Why your lead magnet should be actually valuable and solve a big pain point.
  • How to effectively use email follow-ups to build trust and nurture relationships.
  • Why paid traffic isn’t always the solution to your problems.
  • The benefits of having multiple offers for different stages of the customer journey.

Episode Highlights:

Mistake #1: Opt-in rate below 20% – Improve your headline, offer, and messaging to increase conversion rates.

Mistake #2: Offering a low-value lead magnet – Make sure your lead magnet is valuable, solves a problem, and acts as a bridge to your next offer.

Mistake #3: No email follow-up or bad email follow-up – Use your email marketing to build trust, establish authority, and nurture relationships.

Mistake #4: Trying to solve problems with paid traffic – Remember that paid traffic is an amplifier and cannot fix underlying issues in your offer or messaging.

Mistake #5: Relying on a single offer – Develop a suite of products to increase average order value and customer lifetime value.

If you need help identifying and fixing these common sales funnel mistakes, visit Landon’s website at landonp.com and fill out the inquiry form. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow the Make Me a Marketer podcast for more valuable content.

Happy marketing!

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