Discover The Art of Purposeful & Authentic Podcasting with Dylan Schmidt | Ep 029

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In Ep 29 of the Make Me a Marketer Show, special guest Dylan Schmidt of the “Digital Podcaster Podcast” and I discuss the importance of authenticity and purpose when starting and growing a podcast.

We discuss the importance of defining your “Why”, having a clear purpose that drives your show, and how your show will evolve over time.

Later in the show, we dive into tactical details for growing your podcast. We talk about how podcasting is different than other content platforms such as YouTube, the importance of crafting titles and effective show notes, and how to leverage AI in your process.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Today’s Show:

  • The importance of authenticity and purpose in podcasting.
  • The future of podcasting and how AI can play a role in podcasting.
  • The differences between podcasting and other content platforms.
  • The importance of having a clear purpose, evolving the show over time, and avoiding rigidity.
  • Tactical Details like the importance of having a good title and episode description for an effective podcast.
  • The need to balance SEO and human elements in the title and description for maximum impact.

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